Blues Lyrics of the Week: Looking Back

Sure, there’s always a lot to look forward to – like this weekend’s Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival in Annapolis, for instance. (We’ll have more on the festival in the coming days, but in the meantime, see our previous post regarding Blues on the Bay). But as Johnny “Guitar” Watson pointed out a long time ago (once you’re able to follow him), and as seconded by the likes of John Mayall, Gary Moore, and Rusty Zinn over the years, looking back can be kind of fun too…

“I saw her walkin’ down the street,
the little girl, she looked so sweet.
I followed her for half a mile,
I had to stop and talk a while.

Yea, I was lookin’ back to see
if she was lookin’ back to see
if I was lookin’ back at her.”
Looking Back, Johnny “Guitar” Watson

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