Blues Lyrics of the Week: Double Trouble

Combined with some fiery guitar, these lyrics – which have been performed by the likes of Eric Clapton, John Mayall, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, James Blood Ulmer, and Sean Costello over the years, in addition to composer Otis Rush – make for one of the greatest slow blues songs of all time, a song that also served as the inspiration for Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band’s name.

“I lay awake at night,
It’s false love, I’m just so troubled.
It’s hard to keep a job,
Laid off, I’m havin’ double trouble.
Hey, hey, yea,
They say you can make it if you try.
Some of this generation is millionaires,
It’s hard for me to keep decent clothes to wear.”
– Double Trouble, Otis Rush

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