Blues Lyrics of the Week: Another Year Come and Gone

Here’s a final nod to the year behind us with a song we first mentioned as part of our review of the Blue Élan Christmas CD a few weeks back, courtesy of guitarist and producer Dave Darling‘s musical collective the Soul Sparrows. With its upbeat message and soulful grooves, we can’t think of a better note on which to close out the old and bring in the new.

“Here on the eve of a brand new year,
one idea becomes so clear:
every day should be a holiday, yeah.
It’s nice to be nice on New Year’s Eve,
but cooler to be cool on June 15th.

And all these holidays get me dreamin’ again…

Another year come and gone again,
let’s lift a glass with all our friends.
We lived and loved and laughed last year,
let’s do it all again.
Another year come and gone again,
we look around at where we’ve been,
and try to make a better place
that we can all live in.

Hold that door open,
free up those favors,
do something cool
and smile at your neighbor.
Everyday could be a holiday, yeah….
Let’s make it just because we say
Christmas cheer is every day.”
– “Another Year Come and Gone”, The Soul Sparrows

Thanks to all the friends who helped to make the past year such a good one. May 2016 be filled with all the things you most enjoy, including, of course, plenty of blues!

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