Blues Lyrics of the Week: How Blue Can You Get

This week we spotlight a true blues classic from none other than the King of the Blues, who, on his Live at the Regal album, asks the audience to pay particular attention to the lyrics and “not so much the singing and the band” before leading everyone “way down in the alley” on this one. Bearing in mind that ten dollars used to go a bit further than it does now, these lyrics are even better when accompanied by B.B.’s soulful vocals and playing.

“I gave you a brand new Ford,
You said ‘I want a Cadillac,’
I bought you a ten dollar dinner,
You said ‘Thanks for the snack,’
I let you live in my penthouse,
You said it was just a shack,
I gave you seven children,
and now you wanna’ give ’em back!

Yes, I’ve been downhearted, baby,
ever since the day we met,
Our love is nothing but the blues,
baby, how blue can you get?”
– “How Blue Can You Get,” B.B. King

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