Blues Lyrics of the Week: Never Let the Same Bee Sting You Twice

Regardless of whether it applies to an affair of the heart, state, or some other variety, here’s a helpful bit of wisdom to bear in mind any time an old “friend” comes buzzing back around.

Unfortunately for us all, this was one of only six tracks ever recorded by Lousiana blues guitarist and singer Richard “Rabbit” Brown, all back in March of 1927, including such other gems as “I’m Not Jealous”, “Sinking of the Titanic”, and “James Alley Blues”, the latter of which has since been covered by the likes of Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn, Philadelphia Jerry Ricks, and David Johansen, among others.

“They sez’ at first, you know, you don’t succeed,
you must always try again.
Oh, but since I took my old girl back,
she almost drove me to the pen.
No matter what I would do or say,
never goes my way.
And I got so disgusted,
believe me I was supposed to say,
I’ll never let the same bee that stung me –
she’ll never sting me twice.
That’s if you want to be happy,
keep up in this kind of life.

When you’re out upon your honeymoon,
and your trouble and your sorrows go in a balloon,
go out with the girls but you must remember your wife –
never let the same bee that stung you, sting you twice.”
– “Never Let the Same Bee Sting You Twice”, Richard “Rabbit” Brown

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