Blues Lyrics of the Week (Valentine’s edition): Talkin’ ’bout love with Magic Sam

We couldn’t think of a better bluesman to revisit on this holiday than the recently discussed Magic Sam, who was not only born on Valentine’s Day in 1937 but also performed his share of tunes involving love and romance (often borrowed from other artists like Otis Rush, Willie Dixon, and Roscoe Gordon), from “Easy, Baby” and “I Just Want a Little Bit” to “All Your Love”, “My Love Will Never Die”, and “Keep on Lovin’ Me, Baby”, just to mention a few.

Here’s one of Sam’s originals on the subject that says it better than any overpriced greeting card ever can:

“You belong to me,
and I belong to you,
And when we are together, baby,
I just love all the things we do.

Darling, I, I really love you.
I said I, whoa, I love you.

We swim and we skate,
we go out on dates.
We kiss and we dance,
and we love to make romance…

You know I love ‘ya,
place no one above ‘ya.
Crazy ’bout you, baby,
and I don’t mean maybe.
I said, baby,
my baby,
I said love, baby,
you know that I love you.”
– “You Belong to Me”, Sam Maghett

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