Blues Lyrics of the Week: Why are People Like That?

This week’s lyrics likely won’t help in restoring faith in your fellow man, but hey, it’s the blues, baby. Written by Bobby Charles, “Why are People Like That?” is probably best recognized coming from Junior Wells, although it’s also been recorded over the years by Muddy Waters (The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album) and Muddy’s son Big Bill Morganfield (Nineteen Years Old), among others.

“They’ll take your love and your money,
They’ll take your sug’r and your honey.
They’ll take ya’ skinny or fat,
Why are people like that?”

And since it’s such a good one, we’ll even throw in a bonus verse, from the song’s close:

“They’ll take your dog and your car,
They’ll promise you’ll be a star.
They’ll break your heart and leave you flat,
Why are people like that?
I don’t know why they act like that,
Why are people like that?
Don’t be like that…”

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