Blues Lyrics of the Week: Every Dog’s Got His Day

Few could ever deliver the blues with as much feeling as Texas great Johnny “Clyde” Copeland, whose growling vocals and trademark guitar, accentuated by some nice horns, help give this soulful classic a rather nice bite.

“Woman, you hurt me
for the last time.
You made a grown man cry,
now I’m leaving you behind.
When you were doing me wrong,
you didn’t realize you were gonna’ pay.
But I’m gonna’ leave this with you, woman,
I just wanna’ leave this with you, baby.
I want you to know,
I want you to know every dog’s got his day.
And a good dog
just might have two days…

The first plane out of this place,
I’m gonna’ make me reservations.
Maybe somewhere down the line, girl,
I just might find consolation.
But, oh, you hurt me, baby –
nothin’ you can say gonna’ make me stay.
Just remember, woman,
whatever you do, I want you to remember,
I want you to know,
I want you to know every dog, every dog’s got his day.
And if he’s a good dog,
he just might have two days.”
Every Dog’s Got His Day, Johnny Copeland/Johnny Potts

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