Blues Lyrics of the Week: Here I Am

In celebration of British blues-rocker Oli Brown‘s mini-tour of the Northeast this month, here’s a closer look at the lyrics of the title track from Oli’s latest release, Here I Am. Both, we think you’ll find, are well worth checking out.

“Here I am with a new intention,
I’ll be just who I wanna’ be.
A little change wouldn’t do any harm,
so I’m gonna’ take a chance and see.
No, I’m not hidin’
from anything else.
Ain’t tryin to be no Jimi or Stevie,
I wanna’ be my goddamn self.
I keep fightin’ voices in my head…

Here I am in front of you.
Hear my voice say,
it’s my choice to be
what you didn’t expect me to.

I’m keepin’ focused and listenin’ close
‘cuz there’s plenty more I need to know.
But don’t tell me who I should be
‘cuz I’m in control of my own show.
No, I’m not hidin’
from anyone else.
I’m sick of hearing I can’t do this,
I can only be my goddamn self.
I keep fightin’ voices in my head…”
– “Here I Am”, Oli Brown and Ron Sayer

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