Eddie 9V sticks with impressing in Paste Studio session

If you still haven’t had a chance to check out young Atlanta soul/bluesman Eddie 9V as we’ve encouraged, or you just want to take in more from him after liking what you’ve heard on either his livestreams during the pandemic and/or albums Left My Soul in Memphis, live Way Down the Alley, or most recent Little Black Flies, this week’s Paste Studio on the Road session with Eddie and his band provided a terrific opportunity to hear some of Eddie’s gritty music stylings, as well as from the artist on such things as recording his latest album, the musical vibe and lyrical inspiration created by fish fries, his spirit of choice, and the improving climate for live performances.

Musically, you’ll hear Eddie’s “nod to Elmore James” in “She Got Some Money” as well as the title tracks from both of Eddie’s studio albums and the single “The Come Up”, all of which are sure to get you groovin’ just in time for the weekend.

Watch Eddie’s Paste Studio session below!

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