Luther’s Legacy

Correction: In our original post from Friday, we indicated that the Soul Fixin’ Foundation is directed by Luther’s life partner Carolyn “Rocky” Brown, based on information we obtained from the organization’s web site. We have since heard (from Rocky herself) that she does not have any role with the organization, though she believes that Luther would certainly applaud their work in his name. Thanks to Rocky for setting the record straight on this!

A short postscript to yesterday’s post on Luther Allison (Soul Fixin’ Fan: Luther’s Songs from the Road):

Upon his death in 1997, Luther left a number of legacies. In addition to his own music and his blues performer son Bernard, there’s also the Soul Fixin’ Foundation, which derived its name from Luther’s song/album and subsequent nickname “Soul Fixin’ Man,” and is directed by Luther’s life partner Carolyn “Rocky” Brown. Originally established to provide emergency grants to blues musicians unable to perform and in immediate need, such as its recent support of Joe Louis Walker in battling an intestinal infection, the foundation has now expanded its mission to provide musical instruments for terminally ill children.

I’m sure that Luther would be quite proud of all that the Soul Fixin’ Foundation has and continues to accomplish, as well as its dedication to helping to promote Luther’s final message of “Leave your ego, play the music, love the people”

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