My Heart Belongs to the Blues

It’s voting day today, and that probably makes it a pretty good one to “elect” to listen to some blues, at least for voters in some races (as if anyone here needs an excuse!) Here’s the latest edition of our BluesPowR Radio Hour to help get you started, featuring music from one-time Pittsburgh, PA, voter, now Reigning Queen of Beale Street, Barbara Blue; John Mayall; Albert Castiglia; Doyle Bramhall II; Blind Lemon Pledge and more, proving once again that, no matter your political leanings, the blues is a party we can all rally around!

Hoodoo On Me – Albert Castiglia (Up All Night)
The Sum of Something – John Mayall (Three For the Road)
My Heart Belongs to the Blues – Barbara Blue (Fish in Dirty H2O)
Dr Jesus – Barbara Blue (Fish in Dirty H2O)
All Mine – Dan McKinnon (The Cleaner)
Buley’s Farm – Blind Lemon Pledge (Evangeline)
One More Glass of Wine – Eight O’Five Jive (Swing Set)
Live Forever – Doyle Bramhall II w/ the Greyhounds (Shades)
Devil in Me – Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat (Live at the Kessler)
Just Lucky I Guess – Delta Moon (Cabbagetown)

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