Opening a world of Hurt: a first listen to the new EP from The Hurt Project

Last winter, we featured a song from NY-based blues band The Hurt Project on our BluesPowR Radio Hour, a smoky, “At Last”-sounding gem of a number entitled, appropriately enough, “Up in Smoke”. Today, we’re pleased to bring you another track from this five-piece outfit (which takes its name from guitarist Marlon Hurt): a gritty creeper from the band’s latest EP After the Storms, released this week.

the_hurt_project_EP (240x240)In addition to the soulful, sultry vocals of Jasmin Lloyd, this one also includes some terrific harmonica from Michael “The Bull” LoBue. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the band’s full EP, which also includes the groovy, more uptempo “Where the Honey Goes”, a soft, jazzy R&B ballad “Adrift” that finds Hurt delivering some passionate licks, and the superb, Ronnie Earl-ish instrumental “Morning Meditation”, which we think it’s pretty safe to say you can expect to hear on the next edition of our radio hour…

Here’s hoping your weekend is a safe and bluesy one.

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