R.I.P., guitarist and singer Lonnie Brooks

The music world lost another true father of the blues this weekend with the passing of Chicago blues guitarist Lonnie Brooks (born Lee Baker, Jr.). We had the pleasure of seeing Lonnie – whose most recognizable songs included the likes of “Don’t Take Advantage of Me”, “Two Headed Man”, “Eyeballin'”, “You Know What My Body Needs”, and “Cold Lonely Nights” along with other gems such as “Trading Post” and “I Want All My Money Back” – and his sons Ronnie and Wayne Baker Brooks at the Heritage Blues Music Fest back in 2012, where we snapped these photos, one of which may look somewhat familiar to you as the image that appears at the top of our website, capturing Brooks and his sons playing each other’s guitars.

Here’s a little something else to help remember Brooks by: a classic cut of his “Two Headed Man” off Alligator Records’ Living Chicago Blues series. This one’s audio-only, so just sit back, close your eyes, and let these fine blues in, as you appreciate the talent that was Mr. Lonnie Brooks.

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