Tune in: We’re “About to Start” the weekend with some bluesy soul from English band Cavey

We weren’t sure from where English alt/rock band Cavey got their name; we were secretly hoping it might have had something to do with the cartoon character Captain Caveman, who some might remember being called Cavey for short (and his son, Cavey Jr.) But turns out the band’s singer and guitarist is named Luke Cave, with “Cavey” just having been a longtime nickname.

And so, while we’re a little disappointed that we don’t have that cartoon reference to work with, Cavey’s new single “About to Start” is one that’s sure to draw some animated responses (including perhaps a few “unga bunga”s), building as the soulful ballad does from flowing to soaring with the help of some searing guitar, jazzy piano and horns, anguished vocals from Cave, and lyrics about the unfortunate toll life as a musician can have on a relationship, such as, for example, “All along the avenue, you can hear, that bass guitar boom/ from a dark and crowded room, where I stand and sing the blues/ If you think I’m breaking your heart, I’m just about to start.”

Give this one a listen today!

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