Tune into the Weekend: All I Got for Christmas was the Blues and a Broken Heart

We admit that we haven’t gotten much into the Christmas spirit so far this season (still seems a bit early for that to us!), but this swaying new blues-rock single from longtime Johnny Winter guitarist, band leader and Grammy Award-winning producer Paul Nelson sure does help, entitled “All I Got for Christmas was the Blues and a Broken Heart”!

With the usual great guitar work from Nelson and memorable lyrics that include such gems as “I’ve got a stocking full of pain, just your picture in a frame, watchin’ me fall apart”,”Well you kissed me off baby and you let me go, now even Santa Claus done let me down/Well I’m gonna tell you: if things don’t get better by New Year’s, I’m gonna ride me a reindeer straight on outta’ town” and “I’m one step forward, and two steps back/ saw Saint Nick slide down the chimney, but he didn’t leave me jack”, the track teams Nelson with Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors) on vocals for an entertaining and soulful number that’s guaranteed to get even the grinchiest blues fan’s holiday season started on all the right notes.

With December soon upon us, here’s hoping you get all the blues (of the musical variety) you’re wishing for this Christmas! 

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