Tune into the Weekend: Big Bad Coraline

Today, we launch another new feature here, an occasional post to help get your weekend off to a good start with a track that’s caught our ear. Sometimes, the song might be a standalone single; other times, a tune we just can’t wait to highlight in an album review or on our BluesPowR Radio Hour, or something that we feel really stands out from an album we may not otherwise get to tell you about.

It’s all just another way of helping to introduce you to some of the other blues acts and music on the scene, with our inaugural track coming from a recently reunited blues duo by the name of Screamin’ John & TD Lind (who first worked together in a band called Edenstreet), a swinging, blues/early rock n’ roll style number off their forthcoming album Gimme More Time (Down in the Alley Records). Here’s to the weekend!

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