Tune into the Weekend: no need to wait ’til the Midnight Hour for Handsome Jack’s rocking cover of Wilson Pickett classic

You, like us, may not have known Jack… New York-based rock trio Handsome Jack, that is. But the latest single from the band has certainly helped put them on our radar, and will likely do the same for you.
It’s an absolutely smashing version of Wilson Pickett’s mid-1960s hit “In the Midnight Hour” that has much of the soul of the original thanks to its rich horns, lush keyboards, and female backing vocals, but with the added punch of gritty, distorted vocals (think a heavier-hitting CCR, Bob Seger, or the more contemporary The Commonheart), ripping guitar, and pounding drums. 

Though it’s probably impossible to do any better than Pickett did the first time around, you have to commend Handsome Jack for taking on the challenge and delivering a version you can listen to not just once out of curiosity, but that you’ll come back to and enjoy time and time again!

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