Tune into the Weekend: “The Mississippi Blues Child” Mr. Sipp takes it into the crowd on this slow blues lament

We know it’s been a minute since we’ve posted anything but, don’t worry, we ain’t done yet!

Here’s something to hold you over until our next album review: another slow blues burner about which we were reminded when we saw some video of it from last weekend’s Tampa Bay Blues Festival. This song’s pretty terrific in its studio form (you can find it on the It’s My Guitar album from Castro Coleman, a.k.a. Mr. Sipp, who also goes by nickname of “The Mississippi Blues Child”), but only gets better when you catch an extended version (in this case, about four times so!) of it live, often including a stroll by Sipp out into the audience.

We weren’t able to find a video of the full song from this year’s Tampa Bay show, but have a feeling this one from the 2018 edition of the, sadly, now-defunct Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival in Annapolis, MD, will do just fine for you. Enjoy!

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