Tune into the Weekend: Guitarists Johnny Burgin, Anson Funderburgh team for Valentine’s Day blues single

We know things have been pretty quiet around here as of late, but what better time than heading into a weekend to start to turn things around?! And those in any stage of a relationship will hopefully already have realized that this isn’t just any ordinary weekend, but one on which Valentine’s Day also happens to fall.

While we can’t really offer you any assistance in being prepared for the holiday, we can at least help get you in the mood for it with this just-released sweet slow blues track from guitarists Johnny Burgin and Anson Funderburgh, backed by the well-known Christian Dozzler on keys, Burgin’s touring partner Chris Matheos on bass, and Reo Casey on drums.

With its lyrics of love and captivating licks from both guitarists, this little gem from Delmark Records is bound to be the Cherry on Top of whatever plans you have — or don’t have — for the weekend. Enjoy!

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